Thursday, December 10, 2015

"Gow Mata" pe atyachar, zulm

 Pradakshina with force. poor things are being dragged with rings inserted through their nostrils.

Ring in the nostrils. Pathetic. Poor 'holy cow' is in pain. swamiji is almost strangling the calf.

Thanks TOI for these photos.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

TO ' baba' Ramdev

Saw your advertisement, ‘ Use patanjali cow’s ghee’.  Very sad! Have the ‘holy’ cows given their consent?

Have you noticed pain in the eyes of cows when you deprive their offspring of their right?

Monday, November 23, 2015

Ethnic cleansing

In the interview with H S Phoolka ( TOI 23rd Nov. 2015) Rohit E David prompts him with his question “ you draw a link between 1984, Gujrat riots and Dadri lynching in current times”. 
I am reminded of “A tale of two ethnic cleansing in Kashmir” (January 18, 2015 Swaminonics TOI”.
I quote:
“Recently, an ex-general — also a Pandit — told me the Indian media had underplayed the tragedy of his tribe. I agreed, but added that the media has also ignored the earlier mass expulsion of Muslims from Jammu. This surprised the ex-general: I’ve never heard of that, he declared.
He is not alone. Although our media pride themselves on free and bold speech, they maintain a conspiracy of silence on some issues relating to the supposed “national interest.” This includes the mass killing and expulsion of lakhs of Muslims from Jammu in 1947. That story should be recalled on this somber anniversary.
Today, Jammu is a Hindu-majority area. But in 1947, it had a Muslim majority. The communal riots of 1947 fell most heavily on Jammu’s Muslims; lakhs fled into what became Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. That turned Jammu’s Muslim majority into a Hindu majority. In sheer scale, this far exceeded the ethnic cleansing of Pandits five decades later”.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Why Modiji admires Sardar Patel?

Sardar Patel was Home Minister during Hyderabad police action. Please read Sundarlal report in the following URLs.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

census 2011 incomplete

Census 2011 gives many details such as:
1)      All India share of population of all religions.
2)      State wise population of all religions.
3)      Growth rate of population of religions.
4)      Sex ratio state wise of all religions.
5)      Faith in cities.

Times of India’s head line is, “ Muslim share of population up 0.8%, Hindus’ down 0.7% where as The Hindu has headline ‘Muslim population growth slows’ and ‘Gap with Hindu growth rate narrows’. What a difference of approach!
But very important details are missing , such as:
1)Population and growth rate of Dalits and tribals—all India as well as state wise.
This is necessary because Hinduism is a fourfold society—brahmins, vyshyas, kshatriyas and shudras. Dalits and tribals are not within the Hindu fourfold. This is what I studied in sociology. So, this important information is missing from the census report.
2) All the four rungs of Hinduism’s ladder have many sub divisions.
In Karnataka there are three groups of Brahmins—deshastha, saraswath and madhava.
Among shudra caste there are many sub castes. In Andhra and telangana for example there are Reddys, khammas, velamas, kapus, telagas, gouds, yadavs and munnuru kapus.
In Hyderabad one finds association of each sub caste.
There must be similar sub castes in all the states of India. Census report would have been complete if the details of all these sub castes were projected as they have done for all religions.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sauchalaya pe charcha

In a small open space of village house Vidyaji is sitting on a charpai and woman of the house on her door step. Suddenly a young girl comes from inside and gestures to her mother about her nature’s call and starts moving out of the house.

 Vidya: what is wrong?

 Woman: she is going for easing.

 Vidya: what? In the open?


Vidya: takes out a strip of tablets and tries to give it to the woman saying, your daughter will go and ease in the open. Flies will sit on that and the same flies will come and sit on your food. So your daughter will get sick. Thereafter she has to take tablets.

Woman: I never thought of that. Madamji what is the remedy.

Vidya: build a sauchalaya in the house.

Woman : we have a very small open space.

Vidya: Sauchalaya will take very little space. May be 3 feet by three feet.

Woman: then it is OK. How much cost?

Vidya: bans ki tatti ki deewaren. Chat ki jaroorat na.

 Woman: but that pot like thing and a small tank with a chain. How much will they cost.

Vidya: some Rs. 5000/- only

Woman: he prabhu! Ye very costly. We will manage.

Vidya:Very good.

Woman: we have water scarecity.

Vidya: no worry, every village will have many wells.

Woman: Vidyaji on the roads dogs, cats and monkeys ease, flies do not sit there?

Vidya: Bahenji animal defecation is not harmful.

 Woman: when we ease in our sauchalaya where will the dirt go? There is a house next to ours’.

 Vidya: tank has to be constructed under ground.

 Woman: how much will it cost?

Vidya: I also do not know. I will consult and come back

Monday, April 27, 2015

United States of South Asia

Deccan Chronicle of 25th April 2015 carries a front page bold headline, ‘Bharat or India, asks SC’. Apex court seeking reply from center and states is in response to a petition filed by N Bhatwal, who claims to be a social activist. Chief justice chose to issue a notice to center and states, according to DC. India can be renamed Hindustan or Hindu Rashtra. United States of South Asia is the most suitable name.

 But can India be called Bharat? Let us refer to Mahabharat. Shantunu fell in love with Matsyagandha after Gunga left him. Matsyagandha and her father, fishermen’s chieftain, agreed to Shantunu marrying Matsyagandha on two conditions:

1) Devavrata, Shantunu’s son from Ganga, would not claim the throne after Shantunu.

2) Devavrata would never marry. Devavrata took the oath that he would not claim the throne and would never marry.

With this ‘Bheeshma pratigyan’ Devavruta came to be called Bheeshma. After marriage Shantunu changed the name of Matsyagandha as Satyavati. Shantunu fathered two sons from Satyavati- Chitrangada and Vichitravirya. Chitrangada and Vichitravirya were married to Ambika and Ambalika.

Both Chitragada and Vichitravirya died childless. Satyavati called her first son Vyasa ( fathered by Rishi Parashara ) to father the children of Amba and Ambalika. So Pandu and Dhritarashtra were not form Bharata clan. ‘Bharata vansha’ ended with the death of Devavrata.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Milk production demands a lot of nutrients that are brought to the udder by the blood. To produce 1 kg of milk, 400 to 500 kg of blood must pass through the udder. In addition, the blood carries hormones that control udder development, milk synthesis, and the regeneration of the secretory cells between lactations (during the dry period). (Michel A. Wattiaux Babcock Institute) Vegetarians, please stop drinking milk and consumption of milk products.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


‘Udan’ is a TV serial in Hindi telecast by ‘colours’, Bhayyaji ( kamal Narayan Rajavanshi ) wins LS election with the support of Chakor, a bandhawa mazadoor by promising to send all the children of bandhwas to school . In fact entire village is bandhawa. He wins the election and as promised gets all the children admission in a school but refuses to pay school fees since he never promised that. He has a hearty laugh at the foolishness of voters. Narendra Modi promised of depositing Rs.15 lacs as share of recovered black money in bank account of every family. He won the election and became a PM. When questioned by opposition what happened to the promise, Amit Shah said it was just a political ‘jumla’ (electoral rhetoric ). Times of India on feb.7,2015questioned, Achhe Din An Idiom?’ Modiji was very clever to just say ‘Achhe Din Ayenge’ without saying for whom. Achhe Din have come but only for Modiji, his dream of becoming PM has been realized. I think comparison is not misplaced. BJP claims ‘entire nation is with them by winning by 31% of the vote cast. If you take the entire enfranchised population the % drops to about 18. People who did not cast their vote had different reasons. They knew it was just ‘electionocracy’ and voting was not worth it. In a parliamentary democracy Prime Minister is first among the equals but Modiji uses the words “I’, ‘My’ and Me. Some day he may say MP ( Modi Party ) instead of BJP. Well, he may say ‘We are not pleased’ just as queen Victoria used to say.