Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tobacco benefits

I have seen some terrifying pictures on cigarette packs and zarda packets. Is Govt.of India really serious about our health?
When I opened Tobacco Board site I was astonished  to find the following.

“Tobacco and tobacco products earn approx Rs.20,000 Cr. to the national exchequer by way of excise duty, and approx.Rs.5000 Cr. by way of foreign exchange every year”. This is what tobacco board site mentions on their site.

"Tobacco Board is committed to accomplishing its role - the expressed will of parliament - for the smooth functioning of a vibrant farming system, fair and remunerative prices to tobacco growers and export promotion."
If the Govt. is really serious about our health, tobacco cultivation should be banned just as ganja cultivation is banned. Not possible?  Then why such terrifying advertisements and pictures on packets of cigarettes and zarda.