Tuesday, October 28, 2014


In Hindi it is IndianOyal not IndianOil.

How does one write Indane in Hindi?

Monday, October 27, 2014

RSS attempt to distort history

Here are some extracts form the articleRSS rewrites history: Dalits 'created' by Muslim invaders’ in Hindustan Times New Delhi, September 22, 2014
Three top RSS leaders have sought to attribute the genesis of Dalits, tribals and many other groups to “Muslim invasion” in medieval times.
Was Manu one of the Muslim invaders?
According to Bhaiyyaji Joshi, No.2 in RSS hierarchy, ‘shudras’ were never untouchables in Hindu scriptures. ‘Islamic atrocities’ during the medieval age resulted in the emergence of untouchables, Dalits and Indian Muslims.
Shudras  are within the Hindu four-fold society. All the communities other than Brahmins, vaishyas, kshtriyas and Shudra. They have never been untouchables.  Dalits and tribals are outside the fourfold hindu society.
Another top RSS functionary, Suresh Soni, echoed the same: “Dalits had their genesis during Turks, Muslims and Mughal eras.
Ashuras and Rakshasas were later called Dalits and tribals respectively. Remember, Bhim of Mahabharat married a rakshsa woman.
Italics mine.