Sunday, August 30, 2015

census 2011 incomplete

Census 2011 gives many details such as:
1)      All India share of population of all religions.
2)      State wise population of all religions.
3)      Growth rate of population of religions.
4)      Sex ratio state wise of all religions.
5)      Faith in cities.

Times of India’s head line is, “ Muslim share of population up 0.8%, Hindus’ down 0.7% where as The Hindu has headline ‘Muslim population growth slows’ and ‘Gap with Hindu growth rate narrows’. What a difference of approach!
But very important details are missing , such as:
1)Population and growth rate of Dalits and tribals—all India as well as state wise.
This is necessary because Hinduism is a fourfold society—brahmins, vyshyas, kshatriyas and shudras. Dalits and tribals are not within the Hindu fourfold. This is what I studied in sociology. So, this important information is missing from the census report.
2) All the four rungs of Hinduism’s ladder have many sub divisions.
In Karnataka there are three groups of Brahmins—deshastha, saraswath and madhava.
Among shudra caste there are many sub castes. In Andhra and telangana for example there are Reddys, khammas, velamas, kapus, telagas, gouds, yadavs and munnuru kapus.
In Hyderabad one finds association of each sub caste.
There must be similar sub castes in all the states of India. Census report would have been complete if the details of all these sub castes were projected as they have done for all religions.