Saturday, May 10, 2014

Shining India

 India was shining then and they say, will shine again.
1 All prices will come down.
2 Since  all prices will come down salaries of all Govt. and PSU employees will be reduced accordingly.
3 Naxals will be wiped out.
4 To end terrorism training camps across the border will be bombed. Pak occupied Kashmir will be liberated.
5 Article 370 will be scrapped.
6 Chinese soldiers will withdraw from Arunachal border.
7 Bangladesh infiltrators  will be sent back.
8 Uniform civil code will be introduced.
9 Srilankan  Tamils will have autonomous state.
10 India will be permanent member of security council.
11 Corruption will vanish.
12 All black money will be white.
13 Ram mandir will be built.

      This time also projections are wrong. BJP, sorry Modi will get two third majority.
 I personally think Modiji should be next PM. An upper caste organization wants a shudra
(a low rung shudra) to be a PM. It is a kind of revolution.