Monday, November 23, 2015

Ethnic cleansing

In the interview with H S Phoolka ( TOI 23rd Nov. 2015) Rohit E David prompts him with his question “ you draw a link between 1984, Gujrat riots and Dadri lynching in current times”. 
I am reminded of “A tale of two ethnic cleansing in Kashmir” (January 18, 2015 Swaminonics TOI”.
I quote:
“Recently, an ex-general — also a Pandit — told me the Indian media had underplayed the tragedy of his tribe. I agreed, but added that the media has also ignored the earlier mass expulsion of Muslims from Jammu. This surprised the ex-general: I’ve never heard of that, he declared.
He is not alone. Although our media pride themselves on free and bold speech, they maintain a conspiracy of silence on some issues relating to the supposed “national interest.” This includes the mass killing and expulsion of lakhs of Muslims from Jammu in 1947. That story should be recalled on this somber anniversary.
Today, Jammu is a Hindu-majority area. But in 1947, it had a Muslim majority. The communal riots of 1947 fell most heavily on Jammu’s Muslims; lakhs fled into what became Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. That turned Jammu’s Muslim majority into a Hindu majority. In sheer scale, this far exceeded the ethnic cleansing of Pandits five decades later”.

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