Monday, May 5, 2008


Amitabh Bachchan is an ardent fan of Bal Thakrey. Remember the statement of Jaya after Raj attacked (verbally) her husband?

For Raj to attack Amitabh is, perhaps, politically correct.

Balasaheb's paper also endorsed Raj's views. Later statement by Balasaheb about Amitabh being a national figure etc. was an after thought. He did not reprimand his editor for writing against Amitabh.

There is no comparison between Rajanikanth and Amitabh. I am not referring to acting prowess. Rajani acts in Tamil films and makes money from Tamil audience. Amitabh does not work in Marathi films. Amitabh works in films made in rashtra bhasha.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

women and quota in Parliament

Women's quota bill is likely to be introduced in parliament. Like men all women are not socially under previledged. Supposing the bill gets passed, who do you think will be nominated by the political parties. I am certain wives, daughters or daughters-in-law of the MPs and MLAs who are no more will find place. Women without godfathers will not find place.

At present nominations are largely based on caste. If we talk of AndhraPradesh, there are three major and influential communities within Shudra caste and all the political parties nominate members of only those communities. Same selection procedure will be folllowed by all political parties for nomination of women candidates. What happens to women who are from sub castes numerically weak?

When it comes to reservation for socially under previledged boys and girls in colleges, there is talk of merit ( under the present system merit is more a myth than reality, those who can spend money send their wards to expensive tutorial classes, where answers to probable questions are memorised.). With regard to quota in parliament for women, only wives,sisters or close relatives of rich and influential will get preference.For instance wife of Pramod Mahajan will be considered.
There should be quota for women from the socially under previledged sections of society.

concern for health

Dr Ramdoss has a nack of staying in news. First it was Dr Venugopal. Then he started a campaign against smoking. The latest is alchohol. I am very glad that there is someone who is so very concerned about the heath of our countrymen.

The best he can do is to convince the cabinet he is a member of and close down all the cigarette manufacturing units and breweries. 'na rahe ga baans, na bajegi bansuri'. He can also similarly make all tobacco cultivation illegal.

If tobacco and alchohol are bad for us, they are bad for people world over. But he cannot decide what people in other countrie do. He can prevail upon commerce minister and the PM to stop all exports of tobacco and alchohol.

But unfortunately he is not aware of economics. Ramdossji will do well to discuss with Chidambaram and Manmohan Singh.

I am sure he knows the repercissions. All this seems to be for women voters in his constituency.

He reminds me of Rajnarayan.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Nissim Ezekiel is (He lives in his works) a renowned Indo-Anglican poet. He taught Modern English Verse when I was a student in Bombay University way back in 1965. All verse is not poetry, just as all poetry need not be verse. There are writers like James Joyce, Virginia Woolf and many, who in their prose gave poetry.
Here is a poem by Nissim in Indian English:

I am standing for peace and non-violence.
Why world is fighting, fighting
Why all people of world
Are not following Mahatma Gandhi,
I am simply not understanding.
Ancient Indian wisdom is 100 per cent correct.
But modern generation is neglecting—
Too much going for fashion and foreign thing.
Other day I am reading in newspaper
(everyday I am reading Times of India
to improve my English language)
How one goonda fellow
Threw stone at Indirabein.
Must be student unrest fellow, I am thinking.
Friends, Romans, countrymen, I am saying
(to myself)
Lend me the ears,
Everything is coming—
Regeneration, Remuneration, Contraception.
Be patiently brothers and sisters.
You want one glass lassi?
Very good for digestion.
With little salt lovely drink,
Better than wine;
Not that I am ever tasting the wine.
I am the total teatotaller, completely total.
But I say
Wine is for the drunkards only.
What you think of prospects of world peace?
Pakistan behaving like this,
China behaving like that,
It is making me very sad, I am telling you.
Really most harassing me.
All men are brothers, no?
In India also
Gujaratis, Maharashtrians, Hindiwallahs
All brothers
Though some are having funny habits.
Still you tolerate me,
I tolerate you,
One day Ramarajya is surely coming.
You are going?
But you will visit again
Anytime, any day,
I am not believing in ceremony.
Always I am enjoying your company.