Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sauchalaya pe charcha

In a small open space of village house Vidyaji is sitting on a charpai and woman of the house on her door step. Suddenly a young girl comes from inside and gestures to her mother about her nature’s call and starts moving out of the house.

 Vidya: what is wrong?

 Woman: she is going for easing.

 Vidya: what? In the open?


Vidya: takes out a strip of tablets and tries to give it to the woman saying, your daughter will go and ease in the open. Flies will sit on that and the same flies will come and sit on your food. So your daughter will get sick. Thereafter she has to take tablets.

Woman: I never thought of that. Madamji what is the remedy.

Vidya: build a sauchalaya in the house.

Woman : we have a very small open space.

Vidya: Sauchalaya will take very little space. May be 3 feet by three feet.

Woman: then it is OK. How much cost?

Vidya: bans ki tatti ki deewaren. Chat ki jaroorat na.

 Woman: but that pot like thing and a small tank with a chain. How much will they cost.

Vidya: some Rs. 5000/- only

Woman: he prabhu! Ye very costly. We will manage.

Vidya:Very good.

Woman: we have water scarecity.

Vidya: no worry, every village will have many wells.

Woman: Vidyaji on the roads dogs, cats and monkeys ease, flies do not sit there?

Vidya: Bahenji animal defecation is not harmful.

 Woman: when we ease in our sauchalaya where will the dirt go? There is a house next to ours’.

 Vidya: tank has to be constructed under ground.

 Woman: how much will it cost?

Vidya: I also do not know. I will consult and come back