Tuesday, August 26, 2014


If and when GM/ ED has to take a decision, the section, who seeks a decision, has to present all data on power point. The first step is to collect data. What is the easiest and convenient way? Talk to Area Offices or Dos to send data. It is not that data is not available. After all telephoning is an easier method. Reminders! And reminders! Data is at last received. Then telephone calls on clarifications on the data. At last the data is ready and is transferred to power point. The section head sees the presentation and suggests some changes. It is carried out. Time is sought from GM. He is very busy but in view of urgency he fixes a particular time. There is trepidation all over. People are tense. Presentation starts. GM suggests a different template and fixes the next date. On the fixed date, presentation starts. Suddenly GM suggests that the letters should come like rain drops. Agreed! The section head musters courage and suggests that GM at least see the full presentation and suggest all changes at one go. MG is visibly unhappy but agrees and goes through.

Ye kya hua.