Friday, April 12, 2013

Is it the way?

There are people who talk endless. You ask a question and the answer is given in disgusting minute details and the result is you forget the question you asked. They are not concerned if one is really listening to or just hearing.
I have suffered this kind of torture on many occasions. One incidence, that I am going to narrate, is just an example. In 1972-73 Deena Kumar was depot manager of Apsrtc at karimnagar and I was sales officer of IOC covering warangal and karimnagar districts. A visit every month was necessary as IOC representative.
On one visit I found his finger was bandaged and I just asked him how it happened. He said about a fortnight ago his mother wrote to him that she was visiting him. So he cleaned up the house and waited eagerly for the fortnight to past. At last the day dawned when his mother was to arrive. The train was to arrive at 6 am and he got ready to go to receive her. He reached the station to find the train was late by an hour. He just sat on a bench for some time. Then went to tea stall and had a cup of tea. Bought a cigarette and smoked. The train slowly moved in on the platform. He started searching for his mother. He started looking into each compartment and finally found her. After greetings he asked her where her luggage was. She showed him a trunk underneath the seat. He pulled it out. The edge of the trunk was sharp and that cut his finger.
I have not been able to do justice to his version. What I have described is just a summery of his lengthy narrative; which lasted for more than 15 minutes.