Sunday, September 25, 2016

INDIANOIL- percussive sublimation

Grade wise number of officers in 1983, 2002 and 2016:

1983--A grade 844, B grade1013, C grade 371, D grade 192, E grade 80, F grade42

2002--A  grade 1811, B grade 1234, C grade 926, D grade 711, E grade 80, F grade 143

2016--A grade, 1376, B grade 1227, C grade 1346, D grade 1066, E grade 724, F grade 690

This shows that work of A grade is done by A B C grades. work of B and C is done by D and E
There are 330 DGMs this day.

No idea how many GMs and EDs are there. Must be in comparison with F & G.

Increase in A, B, C & D  grades is normal. But grade E, F and G is beyond comprehension.

F and G grade increase may be percussive sublimation ( Peter Drucker).

When I joined  in 1970 as sales officer there was one GM ( Mr.Bhambri) one DGM (Mr. Kumaran).
Branch managers (  Regional managers now) were in E grade. Branch sales, operations and personnel managers were in D grade. Departmental heads in Branch were in C grade. District managers
( Divisional managers now) were in C or even B grade. Madurai and Belgaum had B grade District managers.
Is this one of the reasons why IOC has come down in fortune 500 list from 96 in 2012 to 119 in 2015 and 161 in 2016? Strange that this has happened during the last two years.
Why not have more chairmen, a chairman for refineries, pipelines and marketing  each.
.Thereafter there can be Dy.chairman and assistant chairman for all units. For all combined there can be chief chairman, Sr chairman and chairman.
Similarly for EDs--Chief and Senior positions can be created. For GMs there are already Dy GMs. There can be assistant GMs.
At present it is almost cylindrical.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tobacco benefits

I have seen some terrifying pictures on cigarette packs and zarda packets. Is Govt.of India really serious about our health?
When I opened Tobacco Board site I was astonished  to find the following.

“Tobacco and tobacco products earn approx Rs.20,000 Cr. to the national exchequer by way of excise duty, and approx.Rs.5000 Cr. by way of foreign exchange every year”. This is what tobacco board site mentions on their site.

"Tobacco Board is committed to accomplishing its role - the expressed will of parliament - for the smooth functioning of a vibrant farming system, fair and remunerative prices to tobacco growers and export promotion."
If the Govt. is really serious about our health, tobacco cultivation should be banned just as ganja cultivation is banned. Not possible?  Then why such terrifying advertisements and pictures on packets of cigarettes and zarda.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Thursday, April 7, 2016



Please see the following details to understand why I have labeled LIC as Mahajan. Mahajans exploit the needy.

For LIC annuity of Rs. 1948428.00  monthly pension details are given below.

Option 1 pension amount is Rs 15246.00 only for  life time of member, after the death of member no benefit accrues.

Option 2-pension amount is Rs. 15100.00 only for life time of member with guaranteed benefit for five years only.

Option 3-pension amount is Rs. 14743.00 only for life time of member with guaranteed benefit for ten years only.

Option 4-pension amount is Rs. 14256.00 only for life time of member with guarteed benefit for fifteen years only.

Option 5-pension amount is Rs.11382.00 only life time of member with refund of the principal annuity amount upon death of the member.

Option 6 pension amount is Rs 12454.00 only for joint life time of member as well as his/her spouse.

Option 7 pension amount is  Rs. 13655.00 only for life time of member with guaranteed benefit for twenty years only.

Option 8 Rs  pension amount is Rs. 10628.00 only for joint life and survivor pension with return of capital.

LIC clocks Rs 11,000 crore profit through equity investments in FY16

7 Apr, 2016, 05.57PM IST
MUMBAI: Life insurance giant LIC has made a profit of Rs 11,000 crore through its equity investments in the recently concluded 2015-16, a senior official said today.

"We saw some profit booking opportunities during the fiscal and have made a profit of Rs 11,000 crore through our equity investments in the recently concluded FY16," its executive director for investment operations, Pravin Kutumbe told reporters on the sidelines of an event here.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Nothing new

Mar 14 2016 : The Times of India (Hyderabad)
Judiciary facing credibility crisis: CJI 
Mar 15 2016 : The Times of India (Hyderabad)
Reboot Judiciary

Friday, March 11, 2016

Ravi Shankar finds a guru

Courtesy Times of India of 12th March 2016.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

inferiority complex.

I am sure he has inferiority complex.

Inferiority Complex is a term used to describe people who compensate for feelings of inferiority (feeling like they're less than other people, not as good as others, worthless, etc.) by acting ways that make them appear superior. They do this because controlling others may help them feel less personally inadequate.

According to Alfred Adlar, a feeling of inferiority may be brought about by upbringing as a child (for example, being compared to a sibling), physical and mental limitations, or experiences of social discrimination (for example, having limited opportunities due to race, economic situation, or gender).