Wednesday, February 18, 2015


‘Udan’ is a TV serial in Hindi telecast by ‘colours’, Bhayyaji ( kamal Narayan Rajavanshi ) wins LS election with the support of Chakor, a bandhawa mazadoor by promising to send all the children of bandhwas to school . In fact entire village is bandhawa. He wins the election and as promised gets all the children admission in a school but refuses to pay school fees since he never promised that. He has a hearty laugh at the foolishness of voters. Narendra Modi promised of depositing Rs.15 lacs as share of recovered black money in bank account of every family. He won the election and became a PM. When questioned by opposition what happened to the promise, Amit Shah said it was just a political ‘jumla’ (electoral rhetoric ). Times of India on feb.7,2015questioned, Achhe Din An Idiom?’ Modiji was very clever to just say ‘Achhe Din Ayenge’ without saying for whom. Achhe Din have come but only for Modiji, his dream of becoming PM has been realized. I think comparison is not misplaced. BJP claims ‘entire nation is with them by winning by 31% of the vote cast. If you take the entire enfranchised population the % drops to about 18. People who did not cast their vote had different reasons. They knew it was just ‘electionocracy’ and voting was not worth it. In a parliamentary democracy Prime Minister is first among the equals but Modiji uses the words “I’, ‘My’ and Me. Some day he may say MP ( Modi Party ) instead of BJP. Well, he may say ‘We are not pleased’ just as queen Victoria used to say.