Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Swabhimani hindu

Add some fiction, some myth, a little bit of facts and a lot of what people take pride in and you have history. Deccan chronicle of 22nd Nov.2014 under the headline, ‘Bold Hindu in Delhi throne:VHP’, reports Mr. Singhal saying, ‘it took 800 years for the power to return to another swabhimani Hindu ruler after Prithviraj Chauhan’. Singhal was addressing inaugural session of ‘world Hindu congress’. “History and the myth of what people believe to have been their past, gives them a sense of identity. Thus the self-proclaimed Hindus of India continue to laud and revere the loser of the battle of Tarain, Prithviraj III, emperor of Ajmer, as a great and doughty enemy of invading Islamists. According to the evidence provided by the coins of the period, he became a tribute paying vassal of Shahabuddeen Muhammad bin Sam of Ghor after his defeat and was no anti-Islamist hero”, writes historian Akhilesh Mithal in the same newspaper of Oct. 28,2006.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Army jawans in heinous act

 “An 11-year-old boy was found with severe burns in a restricted area on the premises of Mehdipatnam Garrison on Wednesday afternoon. Family and locals alleged the boy, Shaik Mustafauddin, who suffered over 90% burns, was set ablaze by Army jawans”
This news item was reported by Times of India (

  . "Locals said they found Mustafa lying outside the barricade with severe burn injuries. I spoke to the boy at Osmania General Hospital (OGH) and he told me that while he was playing near his house, two Army jawans called him into the barricaded area. They asked him to sneak in through the fencing. After the boy entered the restricted area, the two jawans thrashed him and threw gasoline on him. The boy said when he tried to escape, the jawans beat him up again and set him ablaze," Greater Hyderabad mayor Majid Hussain told TOI.

 A 32-year-old Army lance naik, who was questioned in connection with 11-year-old boy Mustafa's murder at Mehdipatnam Garrison here, shot himself dead in the early hours of Monday, reported

“Apart from Appalaraju, the investigating officials said three other army personnel were on their list of supsects. The post-mortem report suggested that there was a three centimetre long anal tear on Mustafa, but swabs sent to FSL confirmed that there were not traces of semen”. (

This was as gruesome a case as that of Nirbhaya, (to call a victim nirbhaya is a misnomer. Nirbhaya means ‘nidar, fearless. How can you call a victim fearless. But the TOI never misses an opportunity to claim they were the first to use the word).
But unlike support for  ‘nibhaya’, there were no candlelights. No protests. Why? Because army jawans are suspected?
This case is more horrific than 'nirbhaya' incidence because, firstly it was in army area and secondly our 'rakshaks' are accused of the crime.

There is Kendriya Vidyalaya in the same garrison much inside the guarded gate. There are many civilian students too in the school. I am sure their parents must be quite worried about the safety of their children.

  I wonder what happens to boys in the villages on our borders!
I remember an incidence in 1962 when I went for NCC camp, which was in the premesis of Lalit mahal palace, a few kilometers from Mysore. One day all the cadets in uniform were taken to Mysore to see brindavan garden. Our way was through a village. We found all doors and windows of all houses were shut. On enquiry we learnt the people were afraid of men in uniform. I wonder what their experience was with the jawans of Mysore maharaja.
Our CM is trying for relocation of all garrisons spread over Hyderabad and Secunderabad in one location away from the city limits. Hope he succeeds.