Tuesday, March 10, 2009

INDIANOIL-Paharpur Kolkata

I was working in Paharpur Installation in Kolkata. Some time in the last quarter of 1974 Mr Rath discovered Mr Goshal. Mr Rath was good at discovering talent. Ghoshal was posted as Sr. Accounts Officer in Regional office. Mr. Rath prevailed upon the management and had Ghoshal posted as Installation Manager at Paharpur. That was the turning point for Ghoshal. I knew Ghoshal when he was a magagement trainee when I was Sales Officer trainee. We met in Kochi and again in Chennai in 1970. We spent some memorable time. In Chennai we stayed in the same hotel in flower bazar.

He pulled me out of shift duty and made me in-charge of Supply and Distribution cell in IOBL at Ramnagar. Within a year he was tranferred to Divisional office.

Ghoshal was a gold medalist in Physics from ST. Stephens, Delhi. He was brilliant, very analytical and sharp. He was man in a hurry. The last I met him was in 1983 in Chennai, when he was not with Indianoil anymore. Mr Rath took me to Coromandal hotel where we met him.

Mr. Rath was Terminal Manager of three Installations- Paharpur, Mourigram and Budge Budge.
One day he visited my work place in IOBL. Though I was in ‘A’ grade I had a small cabin.
He just sat before me in a corner chair and kept smoking and sipping tea. He asked me to continue with my work. While I was attending to phone calls, talking to visitors and passing instructions to subordinates, he was just there. After about three hours he said he wanted to go and left.
After a couple of days he called me to his office and reviewed my work, which he had observed during those three hours. His commets, analysis showed, how keen an observer he was and I found it a unique way of assessment. I never heard him raise his voice. He would tell a man his weaknesses without making him feel small.
When I was posted in Chennai in 1982, he was heading HR. He was always free to receive people. He had down delegated work but had his system of perfect feed back. He was a great manager.

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