Monday, March 9, 2009

INDIANOIL- Good and Bad

India is a secular democracy. But, do not go by dictionary meaning or western concept of secularism in Indian context. Here, broadly speaking, secularism has a different connotation. In India, one is free to practice one’s own religion. But in practice it is more of patronising secularism. Something like majority saying, look we are broad minded even after creation of Pakistan. But Pakistan is not the only issue. The majority syndrome is that the Muslims were invaders and forcibly occupied India. They forget that except, perhaps, adivasis, all others settled after invasion. Aryans invaded and destroyed our city civilizations and settled down in India. Then came Kushans, who called themselves suryavanshis and chandravanshis. They were accommodated as kshartiyas. Then came Hans. Turks, Mongols, who also made India their home, followed them. All were invaders. Infact my argument is that a vast majority of Muslims in India are the original inhabitants. They were outside the fourfold Hindu society. They converted to Islam for various reasons including monetary. The main reason was social upgradation.
The case with invasion of Portugese, French and English was different. They made India their colony. They carried our wealth to their lands.

Right from my childhood to this day I have heard majority members calling me names. I have taken it as part of life. In educated circles it is sophisticated and subtle. It does exist.

I cannot forget what happened in 1992. I was at Sanatnagar depot. Mr Kutty from S&D SR visited the depot. We were sitting in Mr Krishnamachary’s cabin. Mr Kutty was talking about indian problems and very forcefully and with all the venom said all the Muslims should be thrown out of India as because of them India faced problems. Mr Chary very politely suggested to Mr Kutty that it would also include Mr Bangi. Kutty’s embarrassment was worth seeing. He kept apologising to me and said he had many Muslim Frieds. I did not take both of his stands seriously. It strengthened my faith in our constitution. Here was a man who was ashamed of his own remarks and apologising, realising that what he said was not his conviction. We became good friends. Sense of shame makes you a better person.

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