Thursday, January 17, 2008


Most of the officials in Government undertakings are career minded but at the same time mediocre in their thinking and approach. They like to be pampered and are highly self-indulgent. The very same people in their formative years had dreams, dreams to change the system, which they then thought was rotten. As they grew they became part of the system. They shared the dreams of affluent poets, who wrote on poverty feelingly. They shared the dreams of filmmakers who projected poverty true to life spending their time in affluent surroundings. Did they do it out of conviction or just to get laurels, awards and appreciations? I am at a loss. None of them did anything to change the system.

These corporate managers must have heard ‘ woh subah kabhi to aayegi’ with moist eyes and seen Satyajit Ray’s films, after they were appreciated abroad.

Any new entrant is with dreams and fresh ideas. He is laughed at. Many times shouted down. In a meeting should he come up with a new idea, before the chairperson reacts his sycophants shout him down and look for the approval at the chair.

In the story ‘ the emperor’s new clothes, the little boy’s shouting is not shouted down. May be if the story were to be written today the end would be different.

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