Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Swabhimani hindu

Add some fiction, some myth, a little bit of facts and a lot of what people take pride in and you have history. Deccan chronicle of 22nd Nov.2014 under the headline, ‘Bold Hindu in Delhi throne:VHP’, reports Mr. Singhal saying, ‘it took 800 years for the power to return to another swabhimani Hindu ruler after Prithviraj Chauhan’. Singhal was addressing inaugural session of ‘world Hindu congress’. “History and the myth of what people believe to have been their past, gives them a sense of identity. Thus the self-proclaimed Hindus of India continue to laud and revere the loser of the battle of Tarain, Prithviraj III, emperor of Ajmer, as a great and doughty enemy of invading Islamists. According to the evidence provided by the coins of the period, he became a tribute paying vassal of Shahabuddeen Muhammad bin Sam of Ghor after his defeat and was no anti-Islamist hero”, writes historian Akhilesh Mithal in the same newspaper of Oct. 28,2006.

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