Monday, July 2, 2012

World Government

Times of India of June 19, 2012 on times global page has this,‘the only way peace can be achieved is through world government—Jawaharlal Nehru'. I have no idea when Nehru said it. I am not denying his having said it. It was Bertrand Russell, who talked about world Govt. in his book ‘ Impact of science on Society’. I do not know to whom the credit should go. There are intellectuals sitting in Times of India. What Russell wanted or suggested was that the UN, which is a confederation, should become a federation. In that case Security Council members should be elected periodically. There cannot be permanent members. Each state has to contribute finance to the federal (world) govt. It is a farfetched idea. The existing permanent members of Security Council will never agree. Third world countries cannot contribute as much as US or some European countries. Maybe intellectuals can find a solution.

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