Monday, December 21, 2009

INDIANOIL-My last day

I am sharing with you the text of what I spoke during my farewell meet on the last working day in May 2003.

I joined IOC in Feb 1970 and after training worked in several locations, including Imphal, which was a difficult location.

Those were the days when many facilities were non-existent. Imphal Depot was road fed. But there was no TLF bay. 10 to 15 trucks were received every day. I was the only officer and had to climb each truck twice – once to see the levels on arrival – second time to check after the topping up. Though work was tough, there was a great social standing. Being a small state, I was in the list of invitees for Independence Day and Republic Day functions at CM’s residence. While in Warangal also there was good social standing. IOC officer had unrestricted access to Collector and SP.

I was always bad in boss management. I did not realise that, that was the most important factor.

I consider myself far ahead of my time. Many times the ideas that I give are rejected and even laughed at. But the same ideas get implemented after 5 to 6 years. For instance when the State Offices were formed I suggested that the depots should report to SOM instead of to DOs. I was rather ridiculed for such a suggestion. The then DGM and SOM said reporting of Depots to DMs was in the best interest of sales. This was implemented after 4 years. I am sure even now the best interests are served.

I worked with some good people. Among them, I can name Rath, V.K. Chowdary, Supriya Basu, Ghoshal. They were my reporting officers. I enjoyed working with them. Unfortunately, they happened to be in those posts for very short time. I also happened to work with some who were psychic. Among them were Ramdas, S. Ramamurthy and Appa Rao. However, these people atleast thought what they did was right. There are always two concepts of right. I must share with you what it was to work with someone like B.C. Rai. He was DM, B’lore and I was SO, Devanagere. In meetings he used to show his photograph and ask us “Do you know this handsome man?” If he rang up Region, he would tell the PA to BSM “your future BSM is speaking”.

Then there was Urs, who would take a knap and immediately on waking up target an officer and shout at him. This was management by terror.

We have come a long way. Today we have infrastructure in all locations, excellent facilities, Innumerable welfare measures and by & large well-meaning and highly qualified management. I am glad that I have seen this growth during my tenure before superannuation.

The only thing that I like to emphasise is that many more developments have to take place. As I see the main weakness today is in the field of time management. Excellent reports are prepared, excellent proposals are generated but unfortunately not within the time frame. All Oil Cos. have all facilities on par. We must steal a march over them by practicing good time management. I think I have a right to say these things because I am your elder. Senior most among you have more than two years to superannuate.

I would like to say a few more things. My personal interests are social history, literature, but not novel & fiction. I like poetry, drama & critical essays.

I find canvas of fiction/novel is too large and I tend to lose interest. However, before reading I check whether it is third person or first person narrative. I read only if the work is in the form of dialogues – interaction among the characters.

I love reading poetry – both Urdu & English. I love paintings and music though I do not understand both much. I cannot differentiate one raga from the other. All the same I enjoy listening.

I study religion, for me religion is not rituals. Religion is all about morals or dharma that is to say being good.

I must say people in IOC have all been good to me. I have enjoyed love & respect of all, particularly in this posting. This office has a large number of excellent officers & staff. They are also good human beings.

I must mention a few people I worked with directly--Prasad, Madhavi while I was in Operations for two years and Vijayasree & Ramesh in LPG.I thank them for their cooperation during the period. I have not worked with, but known all other youngsters like Prasannas, Vaheda, Satyanarayanas, Swamy, Laxmi, Sirisha, etc. We also had (I am saying “had” because it has not functioned for long) LMG with members Vasanth, Venkat, Rajkumar, Shankar Rao & Janaki. We met occasionally over drinks. I spent memorable time with them
I have known all in Operations group very closely. I have known Girish, Anand Rao, Sharif, Paul, and Brahmam for over 10 to 15 years. I now want to say a few words about a great man, who has been too good to me. He loves me, accepts me as I am and fights for me. He is the one who is responsible for my E Grade. He is Mr. Vasanth Kumar.

Read poetry take interest in fine arts. These provide relaxations leading to rejuvenation. Create or appreciate beautiful things. Think freely and independently. Live rightly and do not differentiate between man and man. Real happiness comes from making others happy.

It is said mankind are happy for having been happy. If you make a man happy today, you will make him happy 20 years hence by remembrance of it.

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