Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Raju the genius

Ramaling Raju was an important person during Clinton’s visit to Hyderabad. While rahul Bajaj was in the back row, Raju was at the mike. He is undoubtedly a genius. Only a genius can play a fraud of such magnitude, as did Raju. What a brilliant brain!

He is now in prison. May be he will get bail and then exemption from personal appearance in the courts of law. There after he will lead a normal affluent life.

Our own government is very serious on bailing out Satyam. Afterall they work for five or ten percent of the population. What percentage of employees and their families exercise their franchise? Are they part of our democratic process? Why should the government squander taxpayers’ money on these people?

I personally think that the government should hand over the management of the company to its employees and let them manage it as a cooperative enterprise.
Or recover or seize all the assets of Raju and all his family, including their land holdings, agricultural and non agricultural, and auction all that and take over as a public sector on par with any other PSU and give the employees the same benefits that BHEL employees get.

No political party should worry about the votes because none these employees exercise their franchise any way. Government has an opportunity to show now that they do not work only for ten percent of population.

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